Silex S-Tronic Single Grill S161GR

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The S-Tronic series by Silex Grills offers energy saving and quality preserving grilling technology. Silex Grills can be found in  Australia’s leading hotels, restaurants, clubs and cafes as it accelerates the cooking process and reduces cooking times to approximately one third in comparison to other methods. Due to its technologically advanced ‘Silex High Speed Grill Systems’, Silex Grills produces quality food while saving you on time, money and power consumption.


  • Designed especially for high-volume operations that demand no-nonsense, heavy duty, around the clock output.
  • DURANEL plates consisting of an aluminium core with stainless steel surfaces ensure quick and uniform heat distribution.
  • Fast cooking times with low energy consumption.
  • Digital timer that displays the actual time setting on a LED display with up to 4 timer settings.
  • Separate display and setting of temperature of upper and lower plate.
  • Separate memory and retrieve key for plate temperature and cooking times with status display.
  • Key for standby operation with status display.
  • Switch-off key for upper/lower plate with status display.
  • Timer-start/stop key with status display and on front of appliance.
  • Independently operated centre arm technology allows height adjustments making crushing food almost impossible.
  • Grills and cooks deep frozen products without prior thawing.
  • S-161GR with Duranel plates and weight reduction


  • Drip Tray for residue
  • Detailed Instruction Guide
  • Metal Spatula for cleaning plates

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Tech Specs

Power 400V
Electrical 6kw
Fuse 3 phase / 20amp
Grill Surface 360x360mm
Depth open 670mm
Height open 675mm
Base plate 400x670mm
Weight S161:41kg   S165: 56kg