Silex S-Tronic Single Grill S165GR

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  • Designed especially for high-volume operations that demand no-nonsense, heavy duty, around the clock output.
  • Fast cooking times with low energy consumption.
  • Digital timer that displays the actual time setting on a LED display with up to 4 timer settings.
  • Separate display and setting of temperature of upper and lower plate.
  • Separate memory and retrieve key for plate temperature and cooking times with status display.
  • Key for standby operation with status display.
  • Switch-off key for upper/lower plate with status display.
  • Timer-start/stop key with status display and on front of appliance.
  • Independently operated centre arm technology allows height adjustments making crushing food almost impossible.
  • Grills and cooks deep frozen products without prior thawing.
  • S165GR - Both sides are cast iron with grooved plates and weight reduction function (GR)


  • Drip Tray for residue
  • Detailed Instruction Guide
  • Metal Spatula for cleaning plates

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Tech Specs

Power 400V
Electrical 6kw
Fuse 3 phase / 20amp
Grill Surface 360x360mm
Depth open 670mm
Height open 675mm
Base plate 400x670mm
Weight S161: 41kg  S165: 56kg